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“ Debt Reduction Plans may help you save thousands on what you owe because your creditors may agree to accept less than what you owe them during your time of financial hardship. Our law firm helps create a plan that may help you get out of debt in as little as 12 - 36 months.”

Gain Financial Freedom with Debt Consolidation / Debt Settlement

Path to Debt Relief puts you in touch with trusted companies that can help you get out of debt.

A recent tally performed by the Federal Reserve shows that the average American has $10,168 of debt (not including mortgages or home equity loans). If you are one of thousands of American's sturggling with your debt, we can help you. If monthly payments are too much or you can't pay off your debt, we have hundreds of professionals in our network that can give you free advice to become debt free.

Yes, YOU can Escape Credit Card Debt!

If you're struggling with major credit card debt, there are several options available to reduce your credit card debt.

  • Work with a Debt Counselor
  • Negotiate with Your Bank
  • DIY Credit Card Debt Settlement
  • Keeping track of Government Programs
  • Work with a Legal Professional